Marshmallow Creations

Supplies for ‘Marshmallow Creations’

You gotta love Summer…warm nights, camp or back-yard fires, and….marshmallows. For some reason summer always makes me think of marshmallows. Could be from all the smores I ate growing up. Regardless, marshmallows are always in my pantry come summer time.

In rummaging through my cupboards to come up with an art project for my little ones to do, I came across a big bag of marshmallows…as well as a box of toothpicks. An idea  was formed!

Although I had envisioned something similar to the sugar cube igloos we made last winter, I think what the kids came up with was pretty darn creative.

While the ‘supplies needed’ and ‘how to’ are pretty self-explanatory, in keeping with the theme of all my other ‘crafty’ posts I will add them here as well.

Supplies Needed:

  • Marshmallows (we used the jumbo sized ones, but any size would probably work)
  • Toothpicks

How To:

  • Build the creations by alternating toothpicks and marshmallows until desired result is achieved.
Marshmallow Man


Daddy fishing

If you plan on doing this art project with your little one(s) (and have a blog that you are posting to) I would love to see a link back to this post so that I can view the creations you came up with!


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