Does Pinterest make you feel inadequate?


I can’t begin to tell you how many blog posts I have come across lately where someone claims Pinterest is making them feel inadequate as a woman, and especially as a Mom. They feel they can’t live up to the standards set by many bloggers and their picture perfect lifestyles.

One comment I recently read claimed the Mommy wars are only re-fuelled by the use of Pinterest. To this particular comment I have to say, “Really?”.

Although obviously a valid and real concern for many (I don’t make this stuff up people), I have a hard time understanding why. And more directly, ‘Why doesn’t it affect me negatively like it does these other women?”.

Personally I find Pinterest completely inspirational. It has allowed me to discover things I would have never thought of before on my own, and has allowed my creativity to soar to depths I never thought possible.

I have to wonder if it is my attitude towards Pinterest that helps me keep it positive. I try very hard not to pin things onto my boards that are completely unattainable for me.

Although really cool, honestly what is the point of pinning an indoor hot tub to my ‘Dream House’ board when I know my bank account balance will never let that happen?

When it comes to serving meals to my kids, I already feel they are darn lucky to be able to eat three meals a day at home, and not have to ‘suffer’ through boxed lunches everyday. So pins like the following will not be put on my boards. If you have the wherewithal and patience to make your kids’ sandwiches into cartoon characters, fly at it, but it is not for me!


Like wise, hosting my kids’ birthday parties are stressful enough with my need to make sure the house is clean, there is enough food for everyone, and a cake is made. So even though my daughter would probably love a Hello Kitty birthday party to look like this – it is just not going to happen. I know my limits!


And then there are the exercise pins. Don’t even get me started on those.

Listen, I would like to look like a pin-up model with abs and buns of steel too, but reality says I am not going to. I can pin all the images and links to obtain a better body I want, but the choices I make in my life aren’t compatible with working out in the gym 12 hours a day to get the kind of body this girl has below (sorry hubby).

Besides, I have much more important things to do – like sit on my flabby butt and write blog posts, for one! My self-awareness of this reality is probably the reason my ‘Get Moving!’ board has the least amount of pins :)



So my advice to any of you who feel like you are not living up to the standards of all those perfect pinboards, I say, bring it down a notch. No matter how amazing something looks, if the sight of a particular image instantly makes you feel bad about yourself – don’t pin it!  Try to only pin images you know are going to enlighten you and give you positive inspiration.

If that doesn’t work, them maybe Pinterest is something you should stay clear of all together :)

So tell me, do you love or hate Pinterest? Do you find it inspirational like I do, or does it make you feel completely inadequate?


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